Feat and recurrence

Anniversary of the Madonna “Coronation”

It is celebrated the third sunday of May. With various events (processions in the morning, Solemn Mass in the evening and other celebrations) we want to remember the ‘Coronation’ happened the 14–15 may of 1905.

Photo of the first CentenaryIn 2005 was celebrated the First Centenary with great solemnity and whit religious and civic events who involved all people of Praia a Mare. In april was held with a great participation of the faithful a ‘Peregrinatio’: the statue of the Madonna was take in many neighbouring countries and cities, also outside the Diocese’s territory and was always greeted with great enthusiasm and devotion by the faithful and civil authorities.

The 15th–18th August: Patronal Day

This feast wants to remember and celebrate the arrival of the Madonna in the CAVE from the Mount Vingiolo in the 14th of 1326.

The Procession on the seaAmong the different celebrations and events, particularly impressive is the Procession on the sea. Since 1970 in the evening of August 15th, held a procession to commemorate the miraculous arrival of the Madonna statue on the beach of ‘Praia of Slaves’.
The procession starts from the Parish Church (Sacred Heart) and arrive at the nightfall on the Fiuzzi beach. Here the Virgin is placed on a large boat and with other boats set sail, runs around the Dino Isle and along the coast, greeted by a large crowds of faithful and tourists, she landed on the beach in the Sanctuary direction then to stop in the Sacred Heart Church. In the evening of the 18th, at the conclusion of the feast, another procession accompanied the Madonna with many faithful to return into the Sanctuary.